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Kingsford Music Limited was opened in 2009. The owner was a graduate from APA. We believe everyone should “Live with arts..”and aiming our education goal should also get along with it.Music is not a luxurious item at all, we’d love to spread it all around. With great honor, we had invited Stephen Chai, a Master graduate of Music in APA, to be our Honorable Music Directors. To ensure the teaching standard, our team tutors are chosen from many experienced music elites.

Music and Philosophy are correlated, which cannot be separated, but to integrate music into life, it’s a life-long learning. We had to dig deep into music, self-practicing to achieve a stage of utopia.

In 2010, we established some musical instruments named after our brand—Kingsford, producing violins, basses, wind instruments and other musical accessories. We hope to start a new trend to provide affordable-price and high-quality musical items in the market, to spread music around.

Recently, our Kingsford brand is selling to all over the world. Products are sending to different countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Norway, Italy, Japan, South Africa and etc.